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" easy it is to hack a Facebook account..."

Wow, I never realized how easy it is to hack a Facebook account. Kinda freaky if you think about it...

Dan A.
Mass., USA

"It's so good I wish there were even more to it..."

It's so good I wish there were even more to it. Going through it was fast and very interesting, the videos and step by step instructions are great. I've been looking for something like this for a long time and have bought other courses on the subject that speak to people who have a lot more know-how than I do at this point. Keep up the good work and I hope to see a part 2 soon!!

Joe D.
Moscow, Russia

What is the point of this course?

To teach you the same exact step-by-step techniques hackers use to hack Facebook accounts so that you could avoid falling prey to them yourself.

By the time you get through this course, you will see these attacks coming a mile away if you are ever targeted (very likely). I even show you real world examples of how hackers tried attacking me!

How is the course presented?

The course is split into 6 modules consisting of both audio and video parts.

You will be watching my computer screen as I go through each hacker technique showing you first hand exactly how they do it.

After I teach you each method and technique, I provide you with the files and programs necessary to replicate each attack as well as the knowledge to defend against them.

Bonus #1 - Underground Anonymizing Techniques

Learn How To Hack Bonus In this Bonus Module, I show you the exact methods hackers use to:
  • Stay hidden from people trying to track them down.
  • Avoid Facebook's automated attempts to disrupt and shutdown their hack attempts.
  • You're going to love this stuff!

What if it turns out to be too difficult for me to understand?

Don't worry, I assume you know absolutely nothing and go into great, noob-friendly details... but, if for some reason you still get stuck don't worry, this is where Bonus #2 comes to the rescue.

Bonus #2 (Limited) - Email Support (Direct access to me)

Learn How To Hack Bonus

This bonus gives you direct email access to me. If you have any questions or problems, I will be there to help you out no matter how long it takes. Guaranteed.

This bonus will not be up for long. I only have 24 hours in a day, and I don't want to spend all of it behind a computer screen answering questions coming from hundreds of people. So if you think you will need extra help, make sure you don't wait and get the course now. This bonus may be down tomorrow.

Learn How To Hack Bonus

$67.00 $47.00

"...I can safely say that I will never be hacked again."

After someone humiliated me by changing my status to a statement about me coming out of the closet (I'm not gay), I got this course because I needed to know how and why I got hacked. Since I've gone through the course, I can safely say that I will never be hacked again.

Arthur K.
Texas, USA

"I like the way the information is presented without too much technical jargon."

Your course is great. I like the way the information is presented without too much technical jargon. I am pretty much a dummy in computing and can't really grasp computing concepts if it is full of technical jargon. But with your course I definitely made a great stride in learning this hacker stuff.

Peter C.
Beijing, China

Now that you know what Facebook Hacking Exposed is about, click the link below, fill out your shipping information and the course will be on its way to you :).

$67.00 $47.00

P.S. Don't forget, if you think you will need direct access to me for email support, then don't wait! Get it now because it won't be available for long.

P.P.S. Since this product just launched, the price has been lowered. But it will be going back up soon.

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